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LEDApple Profile

(L to R: Keonu, Kyumin, Kwangyeon, Hyoseok, Youngjun, Hanbyul)

LED Apple

Debut date: November 11, 2010 on Mnet's M! Countdown
Management: Startory Entertainment
Year active: 2010 - Present
Official Fan Club: LEDAs
Official Balloon Color: Pearl Teal
LED Apple Official Website
LED Apple Official Youtube Account
LED Apple Official Facebook Account
LED Apple Twitter Account
LED Apple Official Fan Cafe
LED Apple Official me2day Account

*Meaning of the group name: "Led" in Led Apple stood for "Logic Egoism Delete".

ツ Members ツ

Stage name: Youngjun (영준)
Real name: Seo Youngjun (서영준)
Birth date: May 11, 1990
Position: Leader, Guitarist
Height: 180cm
Blood type: B
Twitter Account: @windledyj

Stage name: Hanbyul (한별)
Real name: Jang Hanbyul (장한별)
Birth date: July 4, 1990
Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Rapper
Height: 184cm
Twitter Account: @jasononestar

Stage name: Keonu (건우)
Real name: Park Keonwoo (박건우)
Birth date: January 18, 1991
Position: DJ, Keyboardist, Sub Rapper
Height: 182cm
Blood type: O
Twitter Account: @KeonuPark

Stage name: Hyoseok (효석)
Real name: Kim Hyoseok (김효석)
Birth date: April 27, 1993
Position: Drummer
Height: 178cm
Blood type: AB
Twitter Account: @khs93power

Stage name: Kwangyeon (광연)
Real name: Kim Kwangyeon (김광연)
Birth date: June 12, 1993
Position: Bassist, Sub Rapper
Height: 183cm
Blood type: A
Twitter Account: @ledbassky

Stage name: Kyumin (규민)
Real name: Lee Kyumin (이규민)
Birth date: August 10, 1993
Position: Lead Vocalist, Main Rapper, Maknae
Height: 186cm
Blood type: O
Twitter Account: @dlrbals32

ツ Former Members ツ

Stage name: Sunghyun (성현)
Real name: Lee Sunghyun (이성현)
Birth date: August 3, 1988
Position: Leader, Drummer
Height: 174cm
Blood type: A
Twitter Account: @SungHyunDR
Cyworld Account:
Reason of leaving: Because of differences in music interest .

Stage name: Minyong (민용)
Real name: Lee Minyong (이민용)
Birth date: October 1, 1989
Position: Lead Vocalist
Height: 177cm
Blood type: B
Twitter Account: @Mi2yong
Cyworld Account:

Stage name: Jaehoon (재훈)
Real name: Choi Jaehoon (최재훈)
Birth date: November 22, 1989
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist
Height: 178cm
Blood type: B
Twitter Account: @PowerDucks
Cyworld Account:

Stage name: I-OH (이오)
Real name: Jun Ki Wook (전기욱)
Birth date: January 22, 1991
Position: Main Vocalist, Main Rapper
Height: 177cm
Blood type: B
Twitter Account: @IOHTORY
Reason of leaving: He had a Tuberculosis, but he will still remain with the company.

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