Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Supreme Team Profile

(L to R: Simon D, E-sens)

Supreme Team

Debut date:
Management: Amoeba Culture
Year active: 2007 - 2013
Official Fan Club:
Official Color:
Genre: Rap Duo
Supreme Team Official Website
Supreme Team Official Twitter Account
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Supreme Team Official Fan Cafe

-In July 2013, news outlets reported Supreme Team's disbandment due to E-Sens' contract termination with Amoeba Culture. E-Sens confirmed the news himself in a tweet, adding his intent to focus on his solo career. Simon D later joined as co-CEO of AOMG with Jay Park.

ツ Members ツ

Stage name: Simon Dominic (사이먼 도미닉) / Simon D (사이먼 디) / Ssam D
Real name: Jeong Ki Seok (정기석)
Birth date: March 09, 1984
Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
Position: Main Rapper
Height: 178cm
Blood type: AB
Twitter Account: @babospmc
Instagram Account: simon_dominic

- He broke up with his girlfriend, Lady Jane, in May 2013 after being in a 6 year relationship.
- He is a co-CEO of "AOMG" with Jay Park.

Stage name: E-Sens (이센스)
Real name: Kang Min Ho (강민호)
Birth date: February 09, 1987
Position: Lead Rapper
College: Hongik University

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