Friday, June 07, 2013

Bangtan Boys Profile

(L to R: V, SUGA, Jin, Jung Kook, Rap Monster, Jimin, J-Hope)

Bangtan Boys
Bulletproof Boys Scout

Debut date: June 13, 2013 on M! Countdown
Management: Big Hit Entertainment
Year active: 2013 - Present
Official Fan Club: A.R.M.Y (Adorable Representative M.Cs for Youth)
Official Color:
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ツ Members ツ

Stage name: Rap Monster (랩몬스터)
Real name: Kim Namjoon (김남준)
Birth date: September 12, 1994
Position: Leader, Rapper
Height: 181cm
Blood type: A

Stage name: Jin (진)
Real name: Kim Seok Jin (김석진)
Birth date: December 04, 1992
Position: Vocal, Visual
Height: 179cm
Blood type: A

Stage name: SUGA (슈가)
Real name: Min Yoon Gi (민윤기)
Birth date: March 09, 1993
Position: Rapper
Height: 176cm
Blood type: O

Stage name: J-Hope (제이홉)
Real name: Jung Ho Seok (정호석)
Birth date: February 18, 1994
Position: Rapper, Dancer
Height: 177cm
Blood type: A

Stage name: Jimin (지민)
Real name: Park Jimin (박지민)
Birth date: October 13, 1995
Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Height: 175cm
Blood type: A

Stage name: V (뷔)
Real name: Kim Tae Hyung (김태형)
Birth date: December 30, 1995
Position: Vocalist
Height: 178cm
Blood type: AB

Stage name: Jung Kook (정국)
Real name: Jeon Jung Guk (전정국)
Birth date: September 01, 1997
Position: Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae
Height: 177cm
Blood type: A


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  2. Jung kook's birthday is actually the first of September.

  3. the bias should be "V" not "K"

  4. "V" man "V"!!!!
    N JUNG KOOK!*0*/

  5. who's your bias? I think I like Jimin kkk ^^
    here is my blog

  6. KIM TaeHYUNG is not the real name of V

  7. Jimin and Jin Wah~ .. i'm love with them <3333
    btw : the maknae is so young ... O.o

  8. Jin's real name is Kim Seok Jin (김석진) and the Hangul next to his stage name actually says "weonjun" instead of 진

  9. GUa lebih muda 1 tahun dari sang maknae,,,,dan dia udah debut,,gua??? kapan ya??? T^T

  10. Jeon Jung Kook!!! We have the same birthday! Why are you so cute???!!! Anyway, fighting!!!

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  12. Ahhhh i have alot of bias but im decied to vote for suga but i love jungkook so much but I'm also afraid suga lost

  13. i really like jungkook...

  14. JIN, JUNGKOOK, SUGA!! jfkdjflkajsdlfkjalkfjldksjflk

  15. jhope!jhope!jhope same bias with zelo bap..they came from same acedemey but debut at different agency...

  16. Suga is the only type O in the group and V is AB haha so that's why he's an 'alien prince'

  17. i really like jungkook. year of birth he's same with me. haha
    Jeon Jung Guk (전정국) saranghae <3

  18. V ! i really like you.. your birthday date is same with me ! Kim Tae Hyung ! I really really really really like you !

  19. I love jungkook. He so handsome and young ♥u♥

  20. The hangul for V is wrong; its actually 뷔
    Jimin's birthday is the 13th
    Jungkook's birthday is the 1st

  21. I like suga and jimin :)

  22. J-hope birthday same with me !

  23. jin is my bias...saranghae..<3

  24. soo cute jungkook