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Royal Pirates Profile

Royal Pirates
로얄 파이랫츠

Debut date: August 25, 2013 on SBS' "Inkigayo"
Year active: 2004 - Present
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- The band was formerly known as Fading From Dawn with the members: Moonchul, Sooyoon, and Richard.
- They were formerly known as "Fading From Dawn" and decided to change it after their member, Richard (Moonchul's brother) death.

ツ Members ツ

Stage name: Moon (문)
Real name: Kim Moon Chul (김문철)
English Name: Andrew Kim
Birth date: September 02, 1988
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Guitar
Hometown: Incheon, South Korea
Height: 178cm
Blood type: O
Twitter Account: @moonchul

Stage name: James (제임스)
Real name: James Joo Hyun Lee
Korean Name: Lee Joo Hyun (이주현)
Birth date: June 09, 1988
Place of Birth: Los Angeles CA, USA
Position: Bass, Guitar
Hometown: Los Angeles, U.S.A
Height: 188cm
Blood type:
Twitter Account: @jamesjoohyunlee
Facebook Account: James JH Lee
Wordpress Account: jamesjoohyunlee

Stage name: Sooyoon (수윤)
Real name: Kim Soo Yoon (김수윤)
Birth date:December 17, 1989
Position: Drums, Guitar, Subvocal
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 180cm
Blood type: A
Twitter Account: @sooyoonk
Facebook Account: Sooyoon Kim
Youtube Account: Sooyoon Kim

ツ Former Member ツ

Stage name: Richard
Real name: Kim Moon Chan (김문찬)
Birth date: October 4, 1986 - April 11, 2008
Position: Bass Guitar
Hometown: Incheon, South Korea
Blood type:

- He is Moonchul's older brother.
- He died along with two other best friends, David Chung (정용혁) and Daniel Kim (김동은), in a car accident. After his death, the band changed the name to Royal Pirates.

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  1. How are Moonchul and Moonchan both Andrew?

  2. No. In the profile it says that Moon-chan was Moon-chul's brother who passed away. Moon-chan's stage name was Richard, while Moon-chul's english name is Andrew.